Rules & Regulations

  1. Bell rings for prayers at 8:50 a.m
  2. All students should be on time for prayers.
  3. Written excuse signed by parents / guardians should be submitted for lateness or absences.
  4.  Parents should inform the school if a child is absent.
  5.  A child who has been absent for three (3) or more days shall on his or her return to school, produce a valid document to verify the reason for his or her absence.
  6. Parents should submit a written request to the principal if the child is to leave the school compound during school hours.
  7. Parents /guardians will be notified or contacted when a student is absent for more than three consecutive days without a written excuse.
  8. Children who are sick, especially with contagious diseases should stay home. (Some of the illnesses are ringworm, common flu, chickenpox, skin rash etc.)