Dress Code

  1. Wear school uniform every day ( including on Birthdays) unless authorized otherwise
  2. The colours of the uniform are Brown and beige
  3. Brown or beige socks
  4. Brown or beige ribbons
  5. Black or brown shoes
  6. Black or brown belts for boys
  7. Brown belts for girls
  8. Oversized or undersized clothing will not be permitted
  9. Students should be well groomed at all times.
  10.  Hair should be well combed at all times with ribbons
  11. Boys who came to school with flat hair cut should maintain this throughout their time at the school. Cut hair regularly. No Fancy designs or hairs styles are allowed.
  12. Growing of air by boys after admission is not allowed
  13. Boys who were admitted with long hair should keep it clean at all times
  14. Uniforms and shoes should be clean at all times
  15. Make up or jewelry in excess of a small pair of earrings is not allowed. Cosmetic jewelry is prohibited.
  16. Male students should not earrings
  17. Students should at all times practice proper hygiene