Our History

The History of the Boguis Primary School.

The school is located in a quaint community in a part of the Babonneau district.

The school was first open in 1958 and was run by Mr. Alexander John who was from the very community.  Mr. John saw the need to educate the young people of that community and started with mainly teenagers.

This school was operated in what was called at the time a “society hall” which was also used to host church services every fourth Sunday of the month.  Father Chauvay the parish priest saw the need and initiated the construction of the now Primary school which opened its doors in 1962.

At the time the school primarily served the community of Boguis as well as the surrounding communities of La Guerre, Des Barrass and Garrand.  The enrollment then ranged from 300 to 400 students.  As time went by schools were built in the La Guerre and Des Barrass . The establishment of these new schools caused the  enrollment at the school diminished.

The school was chiefly run by the Catholic Board as it was built by the church and was also located on parish land.  As a result,  it was mandatory that the principal and teachers at the school were  Catholics and adhered to the doctrine of the Catholic Church.  As the years went by, the church released it reins on the school and it is mainly run by the government of St Lucia.  The government provides assistance and pays the salary of the teachers as well as maintain the structure and provide teaching and learning materials.

There are currently 7 classes – Kindergarten through to Grade Six. In addition to this, there is also a Special Education teacher, Physical Education teacher and a French teacher. The principal, Mrs. Murina Julian-Joseph, sees to it that every child learns, with special emphasis on discipline and quality instruction. She explores every possible avenue in ensuring that high standards are set and maintained at the  teaching-learning environment. Like Mrs. Joseph, all her staff members affords her the essential co-operation and support in order for effectively achieve the school goals.

The school performs highly every year at external exams. The school mean is usually above the national mean. Including in these successes the school has enjoyed placing fifth, sixth, tenth at national examinations. students are always given many opportunities where they can develop as holistic individuals and perform highly in all areas.

To date nine principals have aided in emerging the culture of the school with teachers who have made it promising for the school’s accomplishment.